Pre-Law Society Executive Board 2016-2017

Pre-Law Society Executive Board 2016-2017


Who We Are

The Pre-Law Society at UCLA is an undergraduate organization designed to assist students in their path to law school. Since our inception in 1968, we have helped thousands of UCLA students prepare for future careers in law. We are one of the largest—and most active—student organizations at UCLA. 

Our weekly events regularly host law schools, lawyers, judges, and others eager to share their experiences with UCLA students. The Law Forum, held every fall, brings over 8o law schools and their representatives to campus and is one of the largest student-run law fairs in the country. 

The Undergraduate Law Journal, one of the few of its kind in the United States, provides a unique opportunity for undergraduates from universities across the country to publish articles related to the law. 

We also provide counseling services to help orient those unsure about their career and educational goals, and maintain an active alumni list.


We strive to further students' understanding of the legal profession and enhance their prospects for law school admission. We are cognizant of the fact that UCLA is the largest feeder institution to ABA-accredited law schools in the United States, and we endeavor to be an accessible and beneficial resource to the hundreds of students that apply to law school every year. 


  • Help members make an informed decision of whether or not to attend law school, and to which law schools to apply.

  • Expose members to various legal fields and introduce them to the different options they have with a law degree.

  • Assist members in their efforts to get admitted to law school by guiding members through the admissions process and providing help with the Law School Admission Test (LSAT).