UCLA Pre-Law Counseling Program

Our counseling program is dedicated to providing personalized guidance to help your reach your law school goals. The law school admissions process can be overwhelming, and it is difficult to know where to start. Our program is primarily designed to help those early in the admissions process, including first- and second- year students, but all are welcome. 

Our counselors are advanced UCLA undergraduates who have an understanding of the admissions process. Depending on your needs, their advice can include LSAT study tips, [ersonal statement feedback, internship resources, and help with strategizing how to make the best use of your remaining undergraduate years. We can also connect members with Pre-Law Society alumni who are currently attending law school or working as lawyers. 

Prior to signing up please be sure to view the Pre-Law FAQs tab on the left for prompt answers to general inquiries. For questions about the program, please email counseling@plsatucla.com. Best of luck on your pursuit of law school!