Pre-Law Society Executive Board 2016-2017

Pre-Law Society Executive Board 2016-2017


Who We Are

The Pre-Law Society has been an institution at UCLA since its inception in 1968. The organization and its officers have established and maintained a reputation for being one of the most active student groups on campus. Over the course of the years, the Pre-Law Society has helped prepare several thousand students for futures in law school and the legal field. Through innovative weekly events, the Undergraduate Law Journal, and the Annual Law Forum, the organization strives to further members' understanding of the legal profession and enhance their prospects for law school admission. The Pre-Law Society can also aid those uncertain about their career goals.


The Mission of the Pre-Law Society at UCLA is to assist students interested in going to law school and following a career in the legal field, while furthering intellectual achievement and scholarship. We endeavor to fulfill our Mission through the pursuit of the following Guiding Objectives:


  • Help members make an informed decision of whether or not to attend law school, and to which law schools to apply.
  • Expose Members to various legal fields and introduce them to the different options they have with a law degree.
  • Assist Members in their efforts to get admitted to law school by guiding members through the admissions process and providing help with the Law School Admission Test (LSAT).