What is the Undergraduate Law Journal?

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the legal field or have an interest in current legal and political issues, consider becoming a writer or editor for the UCLA Undergraduate Law Journal!

The Pre-Law Society's Undergraduate Law Journal is an annual publication of student-composed articles on law related topics. In the past, students have submitted essays covering a wide range of subjects—from dealing with recent cases and legislation to delving into such topics as legal philosophy, legal history, public policy, and economics.

The journal is composed solely of undergraduate and recent graduate students' entries, making it one of the few undergraduate law reviews in the country modeled after the laws reviews of top law schools. We have published 17 volumes since 2002. 

Our 2018 - 2019 executive editors are Vanessa Young, Editor-in-Chief, and Jamail Gibbs, Managing Editor.

Why write for the Undergraduate Law Journal?

There are relatively few opportunities for students to explore law-related issues at the undergraduate level. The Undergraduate Law Journal offers students a unique outlet to analyze and discuss issues correlating to law and policy. Participating undergraduates are offered a premier opportunity to contribute to the discussion of today's most critical issues while developing professional legal research and writing skills.

The Undergraduate Law Journal is distributed to several U.S. law schools and admission directors who attend UCLA's Annual Law Forum (the largest student-run law forum in the nation). The deans and assistant deans of admission have consistently been impressed by the articles that they read.

Finally, it provides undergraduates with the opportunity to learn about legal writing and research—a skill that will certainly be beneficial in both the admissions process as well as in law school itself.

Students with strong writing skills are encouraged to apply for our open positions in writing and editing. Prior writing and editing experience is helpful, but not necessary. Selected writers and editors are paired and work together from December to April in composing one article for publication.