Dear Students, 

You are cordially invited to UCLA Pre-Law Society’s Twenty-Fourth Annual Law Forum! Join us in Ackerman Grand Ballroom on Thursday, November 10th, 2016 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. This event boasts the largest networking opportunity for students interested in pursuing a future in law school. Deans and representatives from prestigious law schools all across the United States will seek to impress UCLA’s brightest and most diligent law school candidates. Do not miss this opportunity to meet and network with admissions counselors, deans, recruiters, and directors! This is the perfect time to consider which programs and schools are the best fit for your academic interests and career aspirations. In addition, representatives from leading LSAT test prep companies will also be available to answer your questions as you prepare to take the most crucial test for law school admissions. 

The main priority of the Pre-Law Society here at UCLA is to help equip students with innovative tools to pursue professions in the legal field. Our Executive Board wholeheartedly believes that the Annual Law Forum is a unique and invaluable opportunity to enhance students' understanding of various law school options. Our hope is that you would take initiative of your own academic aspirations by joining us on November 10th in Ackerman Grand Ballroom! For any questions regarding the event, feel free to email us at the address provided below. 


Kunal Jhaveri & Amanda Boyd

Pre-Law Society at UCLA | 2016 Law Forum Co-Directors

(951) 260-8274 |